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The art of clear thinking

Wall Street journal bestseller

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Based on years of experience making high-stakes, split-second decisions as an Air Force fighter pilot, The Art of Clear Thinking teaches readers to make clear decisions in their everyday life.

"A riveting read, full of instantly actionable advice—not just for high-stakes decisions, but also for handling everyday choices at work and home." 

—Scott Parazynski, 5x NASA shuttle Astronaut, Astronaut Hall of Fame, Physician, Inventor, Author


"As a fighter pilot with two tours in Vietnam, I loved this book. Hasard’s words help the reader to learn about resourcefulness and planning when lives are on the line. 


—George Nolly, 315 combat missions, 24 Air Medals, 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 100+ Missions Over North Vietnam, Author

"I couldn’t put it down. Even more than the heart-pounding fighter pilot stories, Hasard has some powerful and practical words of wisdom."


--Terry Virts, NASA Astronaut, International Space Station Commander, Test Pilot, Author


"In Hasard’s book, we learn from the best. Hasard's well-honed decision-making process can transform your operations and output."


--Michele Rigby Assad, Former undercover CIA agent, Author

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